All Short Courses Course

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Amidst rapidly growing volumes of mainly unstructured data across ample use cases, business processes, business functions and industries in today’s data-driven business

Public Finance Management

The public financial management programme will be run through a combination of lectures, case studies, and classroom discussions.

Mastering Public Finance Management

This unique programme provides a foundation in all areas of public sector financial management and deals with all levels of government—federal, state and local.

Managing Regulatory & Enforcement Agencies

Distinctive strategic and managerial challenges surround government agencies that are charged with the responsibility for regulatory functions.

Leading Sub-National Government Agencies

Today’s elected and appointed executives in state and local government are under more pressure than ever to take on increasingly complex problems with fewer resources and a greater degree of public scrutiny.

Leading Economic Development

This programme is designed specifically for Government Officials at the National Level and Heads of Parastatals in areas bothering on Economic Growth and Development as well as at Sub National Level such as

Certificate Programme In Business Technology

The certificate in Business Technology Program seeks to prepare students for effective participation in the business world.