Management Acceleration programs

The Management Acceleration Programme is now available in blended delivery.

The Management Acceleration Programme is now offered in a blended format, giving you the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere in the world, as well as on ABS campus.

As with our full on-campus programme, the blended Management Acceleration Programme will give you the confidence needed to move into a managerial position.

To learn more about the blended format please contact the programme advisor.

The Program Advisor MAP

Abeokuta Business School


Phone: +234 8065740193


If you have already spent some years working as a functional expert and you are ready to move forward in your career, then the Management Acceleration Programme is for you. This programme helps you to expand your business expertise, strengthen your knowledge and skill sets, and gives you the confidence you need to take that next step.

Organizations can take advantage of the MAP by sending their new recruits with 0-2 years’ working experience to us and we will turned them into competent managers that can hit the ground running

The Management Acceleration Programme equips you with the relevant perspectives and skills to work effectively across functions and cultures. It will reinforce your ability to lead and follow in today’s constantly changing, high-pressure and volatile business world.


Become a more competent and confident manager with new insights, knowledge and skills.

Lead effectively and responsibly. Enhance your ability to lead mindfully, effectively and responsibly with or without formal authority.

Creating long-term value. Stay more focused on creating value and grounded in long-term purpose.

Part of a strong alumni network. Join a community of high-potentials that will support you long after the programme is over.

Ongoing personal and professional development. Develop clear aims and plans for your ongoing personal and professional development.


The Management Acceleration Programme is designed for individual contributors who aspire to – or have recently gained – management responsibilities. The programme also welcomes functional experts whose success depends on understanding the business as a whole and individuals with potential for future management roles.


On leaving the Management Acceleration Programme, you will become a full member of the ABS alumni community, which is open exclusively to graduates of our Prestigious MBA and other degree programmes, as well as selected former Executive Education participants.

This elite network consists of alumni and faculties nationwide. As part of the alumni community, you benefit from lifelong networking and professional development opportunities, including regional events, refresher programmes and reduced rates for all Executive Education.