• 16 Weeks: with 2 days of learning per week
• 4 intensive weeks
• 2 individual assignments
• 1 Capstone assignment
• 16 Learning Cases
• 8 Presentations
• Deep drive
• Financial analyses
• Sales forecasting
• Family meetings

In the startup stage, the dangers can be especially acute. Family members sometimes join the excitement of a startup business without a clear idea of their role once the business is underway. If family is involved in your startup venture, you should be clear upfront about compensation, exit plans and other details before they become a problem.
We’ve given this a great deal of personal reflection and come up with the course Management of Family Business. The course is built on 12 essentials for striking the right balance when starting/managing a family business.

Come let us show you how to set some boundaries. It’s easy for family members involved in a business to talk shop 24/7. But mixing business, personal and home life will eventually produce a volatile brew.
Limit business discussions outside of the office. That’s not always possible, but at least save them for an appropriate time — not at a family wedding or funeral, for example. How do you achieve this?
Establish clear and regular methods of communication. Problems and differences of opinion are inevitable. Maybe you see them already. Consider weekly meetings to assess progress, air any differences and resolve disputes.
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