Mohammad Dabiri

ICT and Behavioral Management

Dr, Dabiri hold a B.SC in (Biological Science) from University of Lagos-Nigeria, a Post graduate Diploma Distributed Computing Systems from University of Greenwich, London, Master of Business Administration (Management) from Edinburgh Business School, a Master Degree in Islamic finance from AIMS in UK and a Ph.D in Islamic Finance from the University Utara, Malaysia.

Dr Dabiri a versatile professional offering several years of experience in analysing different requirements, sanctions & alerts screening, due diligence reviews, transaction monitoring and reporting suspicious activities of high-risk clients. He has good working knowledge of money laundering risks presented by personal and business customers through the nature of transaction activity, geographic risks, type of business entity, regulatory risk and beneficial ownership control.

As a KYC Analyst, he has also have good understanding of legal governing documents required for different types of business formations (e.g. types of LLCs, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, mutual funds, charities, etc.,) and how each are owned and controlled by the Beneficial owners.

He has good understanding of client’s risk classification (High, Medium and Low risk). He is an assertive and articulate team player with a strong character. With close to two decades in Practice, Research and Academic, he has about a dozen research papers up his sleeves. He is currently a Faculty at the Crescent University Abeokuta, where he supervises post graduate research work and assist with specialised courses.

He has worked in some of the biggest commercial financial institutions in the world, he has keen interest in analyses and explaining complex issues in very simple language.