The regular MBA from Abeokuta Business School is for mid-career professionals looking to advance their careers in the increasingly interconnected, rapidly-changing, global ecosystem of the digital age.

This innovative degree program is designed from the ground-up for the global learner who seeks the business foundations of the internationally-recognized MBA credential from a highly-ranked private business school.

This MBA degree is delivered by our renowned faculty and can be completed part-time in as little as twenty-four (24) months. Our Faculty have years of industry experience plus a proven pedagogy of teaching.

The Master of Business Administration degree is designed to make you a leader, an administrator and a manager of choice. We teach you to think in numbers and putting you on the driver’s seat. We present you with real life cases and you are forced to think out of the box.

ABS will help you sharpen your analytical skills, since you must produce quantitative and qualitative evidence to support your recommendations at all time. In discussions, faculty will challenge you and your fellow participants to defend your arguments and analyses. You will hone both your problem-solving and your ability to think and reason rigorously.

For entry Requirements, Fees and How to apply:


Phone: +234 8065740193